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Your sign might affect your appearance

Well, this one is interesting. As much as it may sound farfetched, astrologers strongly believe that your zodiac sign has something to do with your appearance. Well, you also need to note that it is not a matter of guesswork. It is something that they have deeply looked into before making the conclusion. How is that? Astrologers have found that most physical traits are dominant with certain signs. For instance, they have observed that Gemini are small boned and have refined features while Scorpios tend to be more muscular.

There are colors that certain signs prefer

Astrologers have reasons to believe that certain signs tend to be gravitated towards particular colors. Again, this is not also a matter of guesswork. It is a conclusion reached to after a deep insight into the subject. For instance, Sagittarius tend to like purple more.

Here is what Mercury in Retrograde means

This is something that you are very likely to hear in your next session with an astrologer. By now you might be aware of what it means. For the folks that are still clueless, the term refers to the instances in which mercury tends to stop or reverse, which is referred to as retrograding. The other thing that is worth noting is that it is merely an optical illusion. How is this significant? Astrologers believe that this is mainly not the time to make plans as they are likely to fall through.

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