It absolutely was fashioned with narrow, ridged dough, and a filling off nuts, cinnamon, and powder cloves

It absolutely was fashioned with narrow, ridged dough, and a filling off nuts, cinnamon, and powder cloves

A procession composed of the long term groom’s loved ones, of each other sexes, do walk towards the upcoming bride’s family, where she along with her family relations carry out expect all of them

Listed here are types of lullabies sung from the Armenian moms and dads of Amasya (understand the English translations on best column):

Brand new betrothal ceremony might be kept on the a saturday. The newest procession would feel carrying the above rack of chocolate and you will jewelry, for instance the ring. Abreast of brand new guests’ arrival, so it tray is placed in the midst of the fresh house’s guestroom, precisely in the center of a table covered with a hand-stitched tablecloth. The long term bride carry out after that are available, next to a recently married, women relative of hers. Brand new godmother carry out meet with the bride-to-be from the desk, grab this new ring throughout the rack, and fall it on her behalf fist. She would in addition to hang this new gems on bride’s neck. In her change, the future bride would kiss the brand new guests’ hands, you start with her future mom-in-laws, the godmother, and then the someone else. She’d be showered towards guests’ really-wishes and you may felicitations. Whilst, young girls would suffice food and drinks on the customers.

The true marriage ceremonies carry out initiate with the Monday, about groom’s household. The initial knowledge try entitled ergenler. Among bachelors welcome to your relationship is chose because ergen bash, and then he create assume the latest part of tamada (toastmaster). However be the cause of managing the fresh festivities. The groom create tie good keshan peshdimbal (Kesan pestemali) within ergen bash’s hips. This is a silk gear, manufactured in Keshan. Inside the change, the brand new ergen bash create discover a small grouping of more youthful guys since the their designated personnel and you may create link in your area made aprons as much as the waists.

Until the very first one-fourth of 19 th century, the fresh new clothes from an Armenian groom of Amasya contains an effective tasseled fez, a meles (silk) top, a beneficial yelek (sleeveless vest), and you may a beneficial starched collar. Across the yelek, grooms dons the new mintan or mitan, a jacket made from bluish fleece. Grooms could wear bluish shalvars (baggy shorts), socks, and you will footwear which were titled labdjin galosh. As much as the necks, they might hang the new saat keoset, a silver see which have a cycle. This dresses evolved historically and gradually turned westernized. Sooner, truly the only traditional items which was leftover are the fresh tasseled fez .

In route on the bride’s the place to find the new church, this new performers accompanying brand new parade carry out gamble songs and you may sing relationship music, similar to this you to definitely (understand the English translations regarding the righ column):

From the mid-day, it was time to love another cheoreg called cheoreg shougayi , a cooking delicacy unique in order to Amasya and an essential away from local marriage and you will baptism celebrations

This is why the brand new hitched couple’s new way life perform come from the brand new groom’s family. The fresh new personalized in Amasya is for a couple generations to live on under that rooftop. Sons lead their brides and you can elevated their own families in their adult family. Only when there was zero place left do a great young man establish another household. There are occasions when a groom gone into bride’s adult household. Instance a bridegroom is titled an effective doun pesa [household groom]. It was not a greatest heritage, and regularly lead to limitless problems within grooms in addition to their in-laws and regulations. Indeed, a popular saying for the Amasya went, “Doun pesa, shoun pesa” [“Home bridegroom, puppy bridegroom”] .

The newest dgharouk ceremony perform history up to noon. At that point, the fresh new men do exit, and only female, girls, and you may pupils manage are. Different kinds of confectionaries was offered, while the adults carry out see individuals comfort.

The people away from Amasya had another idiom which had getting an area adage. When the an enterprise hit a brick wall, they would say that they “had not come out of the water.” Which kvinnor Hong Kong idiom’s provider is actually the following anecdote: one-day, half a dozen pupils would be to getting baptized to each other in the Holy Virgin Church of the city’s Savayid area. If the priest plunged the initial of one’s infants into h2o, the latter died instantaneously, slain of the high temperature of your liquid. The brand new priest answered of the saying, “This one didn’t come out of water. Render me another” .



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